Distribution of Remaining Tokens and Use of Resources

Tokens Distribution:

As we know in total there are 200 million KUULKOINS of which 35% will be offered in the Private Sale, in the Public Sale phase and in the Public Sale phase 2.
Surely you will wonder what will happen to the other 65% of the remaining tokens?
Well, 65% of the remaining tokens will be distributed as follows:
  • 21% will be distributed among strategic advisors involved in the project, as well as in the team and to attract new talent.
  • Another 5% will be used to invest in new technologies and experimental developments that will allow us to improve the product and services we offer.
  • 10% will be used to carry out Airdrops and Marketing campaigns.
  • 15% will be reserved for the platform in order to maintain a healthy market share in the KUULKOIN token and provide flexibility in the early stages.
  • The remaining 14% of the tokens issued will be used to aggregate and block liquidity on decentralized exchanges. This so that once the KUULKOIN is open to the public, people can get it on different exchanges.

Uses of Resources Collected in Pre-Sales:

Moreover, with the sale of 35% of the tokens, the resources that are obtained will be used for.
  • Fund the next stages of KEKUUL product development.
  • Expand the team to face the new challenges.
  • Consolidate the product at the national level. AndFund expansion and improvements in platform technologies.
*Check the Whitepaper for any question.