Uses of the KUULKOIN on the Platform

We have already seen the general information on the composition of KUULKOIN. In this video we are going to talk about the uses it will have on the platform.
As you already know, Kekuul is generally a platform where users can hire and publish freelance services, as well as create fundraising campaigns and contribute to them.
In either of the two sections of Kekuul, you can always pay in FIAT or regular money.
However, there will be additional services within the platform that can only be used with KUULKOIN.

Uses in the Freelance Section:

In the Freelance section, users will be able to hire advertising and positioning within Kekuul. This service will serve both freelancers who publish their services, and contractors who publish offers of which quotes are required.
When the user contracts the advertising, the publication will appear in the highlights of the platform, and in the same way when in the search engine someone performs a search related to the user's scheduled publication, it will appear positioned in the first places.
Also, as the new versions of the platform are developed, additional services will be added that will be offered to users during the hiring and negotiation carried out by contractors and freelancers.
Some of these addons that can only be paid in KUULKOIN are the creation of contracts for the provision of services or the creation of a confidentiality contract.

Uses in the Crowdfunding Section:

The fundraising campaigns will always be in fiat money, however as the KUULKOIN is implemented, it can be used in the Crowdfunding section as follows:

Contributions at KUULKOIN

First of all, kuulkoin contributions can be made to the campaigns published on the platform.All KEKUUL fundraising campaigns receive in a non-productive account the contributions of their contributors, however once the KUULKOIN is in use, all campaigns will additionally have a wallet in which users can contribute to their campaign also in KUULKOIN.


Additionally, as in the freelance section, people who create a fundraising campaign in KEKUUL will be able to pay in KUULKOIN for the advertising and positioning service of their campaign. With this service, the campaign will especially have diffusion and positioning within the platform.
Likewise, KEKUUL's tools will be used in social networks and other media to give special dissemination to this campaign.

Rewards in KUULKOINS

When users create their fundraising campaign, they can choose whether or not to offer rewards to their taxpayers.
However, for those who want to give something and do not know what to deliver they will be able to offer as a reward kuulkoins amounts for those who contribute to their campaign. The total cost of the rewards distributed in KUULKOINS, will be deducted from the final balance collected in the campaign.

Gifts to contribute to Campaigns

We will also give gifts for contributing to campaigns. This means that at the discretion of KEKUUL, in some crowdfunding campaigns we will offer KUULKOINS for those people who contribute to certain user fundraising campaigns. KEKUUL will choose the applicable campaigns strategically.
As the platform grows, new functionalities will be added for users who participate in the token economy.
*Check the Whitepaper for any questions.