What is the KUULKOIN Token

Until now we already know what a token is, now we are going to talk specifically about KUULKOIN.
KUUKOIN is a utility token that will issue KEKUUL using the Binance Smart Chain network following the BEP20 standard.
That is, for a maximum transparency and protection of participants, the sale is regulated by a Smart Contract implemented in the Binance SmartChain as a decentralized BEP20.:
  • The full name is KUULKOIN;
  • The symbol or abbreviation of the token is KUUL
  • The total amount of Kuulkoins to be issued is 200 million. This means that only that amount of KUULKOINS will be created and can never be issued more.
  • It uses a deflationary method known as token burning. We'll see that in another video.
  • And as we mentioned, the Blockchain on which it is created is Binance Smart Chain;
In the following video I explain how kuulkoin can be used within the platform.
*Check the Whitepaper for any questions.
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