Stability and Token Value

Finally, this video will explain some aspects of the token economy that will achieve its stability in the market and encourage growth in its value.
Below we will detail some, however it is important to keep in mind that the biggest support that the KUULKOIN has is the platform, KEKUUL.

Lockup Periods and Vesting Periods.

We already explained above what they consist of, but broadly speaking, these methods block for a certain period, the transmission of tokens to new holders in primary phases. Which protects the token from a mass sale.

Burning of Tokens.

The act of burning a coin refers to reducing the number of tokens in circulation. This means that KEKUUL has the right to burn or remove some of the 200 million tokens that exist. This causes that as there are fewer tokens in circulation but the same demand, the value of the token increases.
With the intention of maintaining a healthy market KEKUUL has the right to buy back and burn tokens.

Reward Holders or commissions for KUULKOIN retainers.

As mentioned above, KEKUUL's business model is to charge commissions regarding the use and transactions made by users in any of the sections of the platform, that is, in the Freelance section or in the Crowdfunding section.
In that sense, 1% of the commissions charged by KEKUUL, will be used to reward people who block and retain the KUULKOIN.
This will incentivize the retention of the token by the holders, providing greater liquidity and increasing its market value.

Increase Liquidity.

For a token to be useful and healthy, it is required to have availability on the various exchange platforms. Therefore, KEKUUL will allocate 5% of the commissions charged on the platform (both in the FUND and FREELANCE category) to give solvency to the Liquidity Pools or exchanges.
With all these mechanisms, KEKUUL will guarantee the solvency and value of the KUULKOIN so that little by little we can reach more users.
*Check the Whitepaper for any question.