KUULKOIN as a Marketing Tool

In another video we saw some ways of how users will be able to use the KUULKOIN within the platform. In this video we are going to mention in a very general way some uses that the token will have as a Marketing tool..


One of the most striking activities in the world of utility tokens are Airdrops. Their goal is to give away tokens to a community interested in them. There are different types of airdrops, each with its own peculiarities. KEKUUL will use Task Airdrops and Airdrops for NFT holders.

Tasks Airdrops

Task Aidrops aim to get users to perform certain tasks in order to be eligible for token delivery.The tasks to be carried out are focused on the presence in social networks or similar.
Therefore, users who want to participate to receive KUULKOINS as a gift will have to register, follow the social media accounts of the project, as well as share some publications. In this way, it is sought that more people know and talk about the project.

Airdrops for NFTs owners

All owners of KEKUUL´s native NFT will automatically participate in raffles to receive KUULKOINS in their wallets..

Referral/Affiliate Program:

Another tool we will use is the Referral or Affiliate Program. This program offers the possibility to new and existing users to receive some KUULKOINS for each user who, using its affiliate link, registers on the platform and publishes or hires a freelance service, creates a fundraising campaign or contributes to one.
There are going to be many ways to attract users to the platform and the Token economy. Little by little they will develop more.
*Check the Whitepaper for any questions.