Welcome and Welcome to Kekuul, if you are watching these videos it is because you have an interest in the project, and that is why I will do everything in my power to explain it as best as possible. In any case, the most detailed information can be found in the Whitepaper published on our pages.

Kekuul is like the uber of entrepreneurship. Basically we are a platform where entrepreneurial minds can connect and find inputs to potentiate their skills and launch their projects.The platform is divided into two great tools, the Freelance section and the Crowdfunding Section.

The Freelance section is focused on two types of users, freelancers and people or companies that need to hire a freelance service.This section of the platform is a marketplace where freelancers can publish their different services, so that thousands of clients can hire them, or, if a company or client needs a specialized service, they can publish their offer so that thousands of freelancers send their quotes.
The Freelance section is designed for users to perform all interactions right there; send proposals, chat before and during hiring, send files and feel confident that payments are protected and that the service they hired will be duly delivered.

The other section of the Platform is Crowdfunding. In this section, users who want to consolidate an existing project, have a great idea or simply a good cause, but lack money to carry it out, can create a fundraising campaign, in which they will establish a goal, detail the reasons why they require the money, and can offer some reward for all those people who contribute to their project.
Each campaign has its microsite in Kekuul, with a progress bar with the resources already collected, photos and images of the campaign, in your case the rewards offered for contributing and of course everything you need to share it with everyone.
*Check the Whitepaper for any questions.
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What is KEKUUL?:
What is Kekuul?