Token Description

KUULKOIN is the token that will be issued by KEKUUL, as a non-representative token of negotiable value (utility token). The token will be executed on the Binance Smart Chain network blockchain following the BEP20 standard.
For maximum transparency and protection of participants, the sale is regulated by a Smart Contract implemented on Binance Blockchain as a decentralized BEP20.
Users can use it in KEKUUL and decentralized applications to get numerous discounts and benefits. The KUUL token becomes the center of much of KEKUUL's economic activity.
With KUUL we seek to create a series of benefits to attract new customers and generate loyalty with current and future customers, so that you can have access in an innovative way to a series of services and products with the Utility Token.

Token Specifications:

Complete Name:
Token Symbol:
Total Supply:
Binance Smart Chain
Token burning
Utility, Governance
The objective for KEKUUL through the launch of the KUUL Token, is to create a series of benefits to attract new users and generate loyalty with current and future users, so that they can have access in an innovative way to a series of services and products with the Utility Token, which they can use within the KEKUUL Platform.
The target audience targeted by the use of the KUUL token are (i) Companies and (ii) consumers.

Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a smart contract-enabled blockchain parallel to the Binance Chain that provides a permissionless platform for decentralized applications (DApps). Binance Smart Chain is a high-speed, low-cost alternative to the burgeoning decentralized finance (DeFi) market, which has suffered with Ethereum's high transaction fees. BSC features a block time of five seconds, cross-chain asset transfers, EVM support, and an Authorized Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol to ensure scalability.

BEP20 Standard

The BEP20 token standard works similarly to the Ethereum ERC20 standard. BEP20 is a developer-friendly token standard that allows anyone to deploy fungible digital coins or tokens on Binance Smart Chain. In addition, leading digital assets in other chains can be transferred to Binance Smart Chain in the form of linked BEP20 tokens. For example, you can use Binance Bridge to exchange bitcoin (BTC) for BTCB (BEP20) tokens backed by BTC. BTCB tokens (BEP20) can be implemented in DeFi protocols to get performance in bitcoin. The same goes for ETH, XRP, DOGE and many more.

KUUL Acquisition

For the acquisition of the KUUL Tokens will be used in the first instance, the direct acquisition through the options of wallets such as Metamask, later the Pancakeswap exchange can be used as an exchange platform.

Token Functionality

As mentioned above, KEKUUL is a comprehensive platform where users can hire and publish freelance services, as well as create fundraising campaigns and contribute to them.
Any of the platform's tools can be covered in Fiat money, as well as in KUULKOIN. However, the usefulness of KUULKOIN becomes relevant for additional services within the platform.
As KEKUUL grows and develops new functionalities, it will continue to build on a full service for users who do not participate in the token economy and by adding additional functionalities or enhancing basic functionalities for users who do participate in the token economy.
KEKUUL also reserves the right to buy back and burn the token with the aim of maintaining a healthy market.

KUULKOIN- Functions in the Freelance Section

In KEKUUL you can always hire a freelancer with FIAT money, however there will be additional services within the platform that can only be used with KUULKOIN.
  • Advertising and Positioning within KEKUUL for freelancers: Freelancers within the platform will be able to pay in KUULKOIN an improvement in positioning and exposure of their portfolio. Hiring this service, the offers and the portfolio of the freelancer will appear in the highlights of the platform. In the same way, when a user makes a search related to the services offered by the freelancer, it will appear in the first places of search.
  • Advertising and Positioning within KEKUUL for clients: When a user publishes a request for a quote, he can also pay in KUULKOIN an improvement in exposure and positioning of his offer. That way it will appear in the highlights of the section on the platform, better positioned in the corresponding search engine.
  • Addons in a service agreement: As the Utility Token is implemented on the platform, additional services will also be incorporated that will be offered to users during the contracting and negotiation carried out by clients and freelancers. Some of these addons that can only be paid in KUULKOIN are the creation of contracts for the provision of services or the creation of a confidentiality contract.

KUULKOIN- Functions in the Crowdfunding Section

The fundraising campaigns will always be in fiat money, however as the Utility Token is implemented it can be used in the Crowdfunding section as follows:
  • Contributions to the Campaign in KUULKOIN: All fundraising campaigns receive in a non-productive account the contributions of their contributors, however once the Kekuul Utility Token is in use, all campaigns will additionally have a wallet (account) in which users can contribute to their campaign in KUULKOIN.
  • Advertising and Positioning within KEKUUL of a campaign: People who create a fundraising campaign in KEKUUL will be able to pay in KUULKOIN the advertising and positioning service of their campaign. With this service, the campaign will especially have diffusion and positioning within the platform. Likewise, KEKUUL's tools will be used in social networks and other media to give special dissemination to this campaign.
  • KUULKOINS Rewards: When creating your campaign, it will always be optional for users to decide whether or not to give any reward to their contributors or sponsors. However, for those who want to give something and do not know what to deliver, once the Utility Token is up and running, they will be able to offer as a reward KUULKOINS amounts for those who contribute to their campaign. The total cost of the rewards distributed in KUULKOINS, will be deducted from the final balance collected in the campaign.
  • Gifts for contribute to Campaigns: At the discretion of KEKUUL, in some crowdfunding campaigns we will offer KUULKOINS for those people who contribute to certain user fundraising campaigns. KEKUUL will choose the applicable campaigns strategically.

KUULKOIN- Functions as a Marketing Tool

As described later in the section on the distribution of the KUUL a part of the tokens created will be used for dissemination and marketing campaigns of the platform. Some that we will use will be the following:


One of the most striking activities in the world of utility tokens are Airdrops. Their goal is to give away tokens to a community interested in them. There are different types of airdrops, each with its own peculiarities. KEKUUL will use the following:
  • Task airdrops: Aims for users to perform certain tasks to be eligible for token delivery. The tasks to be carried out are focused on the presence in social networks or similar. Therefore, users who want to participate to receive KUULKOINS as a gift will have to register, follow the social media accounts of the project, as well as share some publications. In this way, it is sought that more people know and talk about the project.
  • NFTs Owner Airdrops: All KEKUUL native NFT owners will automatically participate in raffles to receive KUULKOINS in their wallets. For more information on the NFT see the corresponding section below.

Referral/Allied Program:

The referral program will be launched, which offers the possibility to new and existing users to receive some KUULKOINS for each user who uses their affiliate link, registers on the platform and publishes or hires a freelance service, creates a fundraising campaign or contributes to one.