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The word chaneque is a Nahuatl expression that means "the creatures that inhabit dangerous places". These creatures of pre-Hispanic Mexican mythology inhabit the forests or jungles and take care of the springs, trees and animals, they are a kind of guardians.
In honor to their name these characters left their habitat for a wonderful but even more dangerous world, where many people ends up broken and others totally liquidated. This is the crypto universe, and if you have a ChaneKe, this guardian will protect you by giving you access to huge benefits.
Full ownership and commercial use rights will be granted to the lucky owner of a ChaneKe immediately after the mint.

The ChaneKes are a collection of 2000 unique digital art NFTs located on the Solana network. The Chanekes swore to protect anyone who believed in them and therefore, by owning a Chaneke you will get huge benefits.
You will have early access to all KEKUUL projects, and you will also be included in the Whitelist of all future projects, you will receive discounts on the platform, and you will be able to receive KUULKOIN through airdrop raffles.

At KEKUUL we seek to create a sustainable long-term project. In this Roadmap v1 you can see in the objectives that we will start working. Having a ChaneKe guarantees you access to this Roadmap and all those that arise laterP

Early access to ambitious projects.
As you know, one of the tools of KEKUUL is the Crowdfunding section. That is why KEKUUL has early access to different very ambitious projects. By having a ChaneKe you will also have access to these early and guaranteed. (Includes Whitelist of different projects).
Early Access to the Platform:
ChaneKe owners will always have early access to the beta phases of the platform and any new developments within it.
Tangible Discounts:
In KEKUUL every day we are working so that different companies, establishments, platforms and others, grant benefits and discounts to the owners of a ChaneKe.

Special Merch:
As the fundraising process progresses, we will launch different merch that will be exclusively for the owners of a ChaneKe.
Discounts on the Platform:
Having a ChaneKe guarantees that you will not pay many commissions within KEKUUL and you will also have additional discounts within the platform.
KEKUUL owners will periodically receive KUULKOIN Airdrops (the KEKUUL utility token). A percentage of the sale of the collection will be used to inject liquidity into the KUULKOIN pool. In this way the value of the token will be increased.
Also another percentage will be used to Staking a pool in PancakeSwap. The benefits from that staking will be distributed among ChaneKes holders.

All people who enter the Whitelist. They will be able to mint their ChaneKe before at a price of 1.2 Solana.

All people who enter the Whitelist. They will be able to mint their ChaneKe before at a price of 1.2 Solana.
  • There will be a minimum of 500 Whitelist spots.
  • People who purchased at least $25 USD from KUULKOIN will have immediate access to the Whitelist.
  • The elegible people of a Free Mint of a ChaneKe for buying $185 USD from KUULKOIN will be able to acquire more ChaneKes if they want to do so at the Pre-Mint.
  • People who were on Whitelist for KUULKOIN but did not make any purchases, will lose their right to Whitelist of a ChaneKe and must earn it again.
  • Whitelist spots will be awarded through contests, giveaways, and the most active members of the community, as set forth in Discord.

The Public Mint will start after the sale for people with Whitelist has finished. A maximum period of 36 hours after the sale on Whitelist. The price of the Mint will be 1.5 Solana.
Upon completion of the Public Mint on our website, you will be able to purchase ChaneKes at Magic Eden.
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