General Information

The purpose of this white paper is to share with all interested parties detailed information about KEKUUL, its history, current situation, existing products and upcoming releases.
The main objective of this Whitepaper is that our clients understand our vision and give them enough information about our project before making the decision to join it.

We want to jump to the Next Level

At KEKUUL we want to reach to the next level, and we are aware that to achieve that we need your help. Therefore, we decided to launch our own Utility Token through an Initial Coin Offer (ICO) to finance the growth of the company.
An ICO is a new way to raise capital for all kinds of projects through the sale of virtual tokens protected by a cryptography system. In this case, what we will launch will be a new smart contract issued as a token in an existing and proven blockchain such as Binance Smart Chain.
In simpler words, the goal of an ICO is to offer initial investors the new coins in exchange for money, and later open their distribution to the public. With this, the participants of this new currency have the opportunity to obtain a new asset at a preferential price; that in addition to an increase in its value, will grant them benefits on and off the KEKUUL platform.

Project Brief

KEKUUL [KEKUUL S.A.P.I DE C.V.] is an integral platform where entrepreneurial minds can connect and find inputs that help potentiate their skills and launch their projects to the top. The platform contains two great tools; (i) Crowdfunding; and (ii) Freelance.
The Crowdfunding section is focused on making big ideas a reality, consolidating existing projects, or supporting small and big causes. In this section, users will be able to create a fundraising campaign, in which they will set a goal, detail the reasons why they require the money, and also will be able to offer some reward for all those people who contribute to their project.
On the other hand, the Freelance section is focused on professionals who offer a service, as well as for companies or individuals who need a third party to help them carry out a project. This section of the platform consists of a marketplace in which freelancers can publish their portfolio of services to thousands of users that can hire them in less than 5 minutes. Or, if any user needs a more specific service, they will also be able to publish their offer, stablishing their budget and details for thousands of freelancers that will be able to send their personalized quotes.
KEKUUL seeks to be the connection point of the venture and all its parties involved, implementing a business model that comprehensively includes a native utility token (KUUL) that will serve to disseminate KEKUUL and be an additional method to FIAT money to carry out all kinds of transactions and payment of services within the platform.
Holders of the KUUL token play a key role in the platform, such as; join the Decentralized Finance or DeFi markets, contribute to the adoption of the crypto world or receive exclusive discounts and benefits. In short, a community- based ecosystem that generates value for society and other blockchain projects.
DISCLAIMER: The objective of this Whitepaper is to inform potential investors that the investments described in this document may be of very high risk, including loss of the entire investment. The tokens that can be acquired will not be held by entities legally authorized to provide investment services and the registration technology that is planned to be used (blockchain) is novel and can carry significant risks.
It is possible that the products and services mentioned in this document are not suitable for all users and it is advisable to obtain professional, adequate and specific advice in case of any doubt regarding investment.
Nothing in this report shall be deemed to constitute legal, accounting, tax or investment advice.
Finally, this document together with the information you can find on the official website provides details about our activity, which may be subject to modifications and changes in order to adapt to the reality of KEKUUL and market conditions.n materia de inversión.

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